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What Is An Executive Dinner?

During the 2022 MoldMaking Conference, a select group of some of the finest companies in mold manufacturing will host a summit of sorts for the brightest minds in the industry. 


The goal of these dinners is to provide leading members of the mold manufacturing industry the opportunity to connect and bounce ideas off of each other over a plate of amazing food. There are no cameras, no notes taken and no obligations. This is the chance to break bread with other leaders and discuss the pressing issues of mold manufacturers. 


Attendees are invite-only, making this an exclusive opportunity that can't be equaled anywhere else. In addition, it's completely free to participate. A free steak and a valuable conversation with fellow leaders of the industry - what's not to love? ​

Family Dinner



Date: November 9th, 2022

Time: 6 pm - 9 pm

Location: Eddie V's Prime Seafood



Our friends at Progressive Components are hosting a dinner that gives the mold manufacturing opportunity a chance to connect with them and some of the other renowned shops and influencers of the industry. This dinner will be focused on providing attendees with the chance to connect with potential partners - a unique opportunity that you won't find at any other event, all for FREE. No strings attached, no contract requirement, no video - just a comfortable, private dinner for you and your industry-mates to find some common ground. 

All spaces have been filled for this event.  

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